JROTC Awards For 2010


         Each year our chapter presents a MOAA medal, a certificate, and a monetary award to a JROTC Cadet at seven Pasco County High Schools.  The award recognizes leadership as well as academic achievements.  Again this year we also presented awards for the Reserve Officers Association (ROA) at the same High Schools recognizing Cadet leadership achievements.  This year’s project was completed as listed below. 

Pictures below are: LTC Knutson presenting the ROA Award to Cadet Seth Uschuk at River Ridge (top), and LTC Knutson presenting the MOAA Award to Cadet Craig Morocco at River Ridge (bottom).


Date School                Award            Awardees                       Presented by


Apr 23 Mitchell           MOAA      Cadet Lt Robert Obrien       LTC  Wiggins

                                     ROA          Cadet Meaghan Moore


May 7    Pasco            MOAA      Cadet Weston Linton            Cdr McGuire

                                     ROA         Cadet Jacob Carroll              (Unit Cmdr)


May 12  Z-hills            MOAA      Cadet Carley Patton             1Sgt McAuley

                                     ROA         Cadet Terrance Stewart       (Unit Cmdr)


May 13  River Ridge  MOAA      Cadet Craig Morocco            LTC Knutson

                                    ROA          Cadet Seth Uschuk


May 19  Hudson         MOAA      Cadet Travis Fussell              LTC Wiggins

                                    ROA          Cadet Justin Sconza


May 19  Ridgewood   MOAA      Cadet Frank Chavez              R. Daubin

                                     ROA         Cadet Daquan


May 21  Gulf              MOAA       Cadet Cody Boyet                  A. Lombardo

                                    ROA           Cadet Rebekah Wills